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Player Information

Name: Noka
Contact: rinonoka @ plurk, rinkour @ skype
Age: 21
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information

Name: ??? (Blue/Boxer), will be using 'Boxer' for this app, and just using that as his name.
Canon: Transistor
Canon Point: riiight before the end of the finale
Age: ??? (approx. mid-late 20s - early 30s)
There's no easy wiki link for Boxer, unfortunately; his history is scraps and pieces you pick up throughout Transistor, so I'll be trying to summarize this down to 2-3 paragraphs of concrete information. I am kind of a nut for this game, though, so... please forgive me if I get a bit long-winded.

Boxer's life before the events of Transistor is only supplied in so many bits and pieces we learn throughout the story. For example, Boxer's profile entry in game lacks almost any meaningful information about him, but it is possible to glean from his interactions with Red and what text we have what the important parts are. Specifically, Boxer is someone who chose to not make a selection. In Cloudbank, people make 'selections' as to their chosen purpose; for example, Red chose Music and Linguistics (and was marked with surprise for doing so), and another, Strength and Concentration; another, Reflexes and Machinery. There is implied to be something special to choosing, as things that you cannot normally 'study' are options; as Cloudbank is implied to have some computational aspect to it, it could be that selections 'upload' data to people who choose them. In any case, Boxer did not choose any selection, citing his reason as he was "still figuring things out". Even more curious, his profile establishes that there are 0 recorded people who chose nonselection.

In other words, to Cloudbank, Boxer didn't exist. (To support this, the Camerata, provided with the Transistor and able to track most anyone in the system, could not detect Boxer, based on their assumption Red was alone, noted in Red's profile.) Boxer lived in the city with no known information, and possibly no concrete name. At some point before the events of the game, he met with Red and connected with her, forming a strong relationship with her based on affection and caring for one another. At the spark of the events of the game, Sybil Reisz (knowing full well Red would not be alone) set her Camerata allies out to 'process' Red; in so many words, killing her and absorbing her into the Transistor. They partially achieved this goal; however, Boxer jumped in the way, taking the Transistor in the chest - and based on what he says, he warped Red and himself a good several hundred miles away from the incident.

However, taking the Transistor in the chest also killed him.

The Transistor had partially processed Red - stealing her voice - and by fully processing him, placed him, or at the very least, his mind, inside of it. Due to his and Red's connection, he was able to talk to her through the Transistor. In this, he guided her through a good many harrowing challenges, encouraging her at first to escape - but once she made her goals clear, he led her through Cloudbank to take out the Camerata, who had killed him and ruined Red's voice - the thing she cared most about in the world. Simultaneously, the Process were Processing Cloudbank, killing anyone caught by them and turning the world from a vibrant, jazzy town... into a white, sterile mess.

After quite a bit of fighting on Red's end, she reached the end; had defeated all the Camerata, and could repair the town as she saw fit.

And that's where his canon point ends.

Nondetection: Boxer is naturally, in some respect, good at erasing himself, his presence, things that would tie back to him. This was to the extent he was no longer in a database of a world implied to be a gigantic computer system in some respect or another, so... In so many words, he's a) pretty good at it and b) likely smart about what he reveals, to who, and why.

God/Shinki: Shinki
Why?: There's the argument he's a literal weapon for most of his time in his canon, but I think he's best fit for a Shinki because he's someone who works well when put to a purpose; however, he exists for other people based on what we understand of him in canon, and he's someone who works well as a shinki considering he has no canon name, and we know very little of his history before his canon-death, beyond some Very Important Little Fun Bits.

Top 3 Choices:
God Type:
Cause Of Death:
Name Location:
Power: Turn()

Not sure how to title it other than game usage, but Turn() freezes time for the user and allows them to plan out their actions in reference to everything around them for a small duration of time (about 10-20s). They can remain paused indefinitely and talk in paused mode. On the downsides, it will not accurately predict enemy movement patterns (it treats everyone as if they are standing in place), and it won't allow for too many actions in a single Turn(). It also cannot be used consecutively; there must be a cooldown period of 20-40s (double the time used on Turn().) Once a method of attack is affirmed using Turn(), the user will move automatically to perform the method practiced in Turn() at about 4x speed.

AKA sonic speed. Nyoom.

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